Don’t be Dazzled by High-Tech Design?

Hamilton Gregory In 2005 in the article analyzing internet sites wrote:

Don’t be Dazzled by High-Tech Design?

A study by Stanford University psychologist G.J. Fogg found that people usually judge the reliability of a Web site by it’ s appearance- not by an investigation into who sponsor it. “…
then he wrote:”..Remember that high tech design is not indication of honesty and reliability. The high –tech sparkle gives the Website an aura of professionalism, wealth, and respectability.” But in reality these sort of websites are fooling people. That was written in 2005

I am a webmaster and have a degree in Web design Technology, every day I spend a good amount of time online. When I see low cost websites, not updated or websites that do not participate in social media, I get an impression that the business is not trustworthy and have lack of professionalism. And no matter what credentials website displays, for instance; being in business for 15-20 years, or being honored with some awards ,  I get a feeling  that they do not see  value in their online presence or don’t have money to invest.