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Unboxing the Microsoft Surface Pro 3


Website Plan for a boutique “Voila”

The website is for a boutique; it is a medium size store, which is conveniently located at the Mall.  The store has pretensions, but appealing name – “Voila! ”.  

It sells clothes, shoes and accessories for young and middle age women, with slightly above average income.  The price range starts from 50 to 500 dollars, plus inexpensive sales items.

                 Planning a website for a boutique is a creative and detailed process.  Brainstorming different ways for delivering the concept of the business can take some time, and there are a few major points to consider.

             The first point is the website layout and content. I will not use any generic looking, pre-made templates. The second is the color scheme and images that should feel right for business. The main theme for a website will be inherited from the store front.  The index page will include a short summary with a description of the store products and services, it will have video and some corresponding images.

                 The color of the products in the store can determine your website’s dominant color. Brown, pink and yellow are the preferred colors for autumn. The index page will be changed every time the store gets a new collection.  

It is popular to use hybrid websites if store carries products for men, and children. Links from the main pages can take visitors to additional websites that are designed in different styles and use different color choices and images. It is one of the reasons that some websites have layout and eye catching designs that are more appealing to women than men, and vice versa. The choice of color and images can trigger certain type of your visitors: males or females and young or old people.

                   The approach to creating a business website can be different and can be very exciting.  It will improve the quality of your business.  It is also important to include stores mission statement and describe personalities of people who are in charge of the boutique, or work there, including their blogs. Web visitors might find things in common and get inspired to visit the store front.