The internet connects people to each other and to businesses. People can post reviews, comments, and reach individuals and organizations instantly though Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.
People communication became more effective. Therefore, there is a difference between customer’s online behavior and in person.
It is true that customers are not very generous with compliments. At the same time, an unhappy customer can leave long and detailed negative feedback, sometimes using inappropriate language. It seems that online, the customer is appealing to the crowd (to other customers) not to the company. The same customer, in person, may control their anger better and will cooperate in solving problems.
A customer may ignore a company’s emails and surveys, but may act quite differently in person.  They will not turn away when someone is talking to them.

Effective communication is equally important to all businesses; big or small.  Now, in a highly competitive environment, companies review customer feedback almost instantly. The companies prioritize communication and want to know their customer’s opinions.

Customer complaints and suggestions are used as a source for improvement. They brainstorm customers’ feedback points, trying to improve and eliminate complaints. They measure revenues and track their performance.


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How to Communicate Effectively

Email is one communication method that can be considered a primary way of contact. We can connect to family and friends or initiate business communications via electronic mail.
Often we receive emails that we didn’t subscribe to. Unwanted email is considered as spam. It is possible to block spam by configuring your email settings and to moving the unwanted email to a junk email folder where it will get removed automatically.
People have a tendency to browse through newly received correspondence, so it is a good idea to keep it short and to the point.
In an internet article, Larry Amon an eHow Contributor says that emails should be short. If they have to be longer than usual and more descriptive then the rest of the information, then it is advised to use an email attachment. It is also important to check spelling and keep spacing, so that readers will see the main thought of the message and it will be easier to read.
“Practice being clear and concise. Consider using bulleted points to clearly express thoughts” (Friedman, 2012) It is also recommended to outline the essential points you are trying to get across. If it is a business message, it is important to have a subject line that gives a good idea what the email is about.
When businesses send newsletters, they look very similar to each other, and the subject line helps readers quickly to identify the sender and determine the level of interest in reading the rest of the email.
Some emails have a signature line, which is a good idea in case the reader chooses to call, text, or to look at the website address, if it’s available. Google offers widgets that can enhance email and make it more interactive and offers call services dialing the phone by typing in the phone number.
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