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A product modification strategy keeps the physical product essentially the same; modifications, however, are made to meet local conditions or preference in package sizes or colors. Manufacturers of computers, copiers, cars, and calculators have been successful in using this strategy. Companies may develop a country-specific product. If this strategy is employed, the product is substantially altered or new products are produced across countries. For example, hand-powered washing machines have been successfully marketed in Latin America. Communication Adaptation.
Product adaption involves altering the product to meet local conditions or preferences. There are several level of adaptation..

It is extremely difficult to standardize advertising across countries because of variations in economic, social, and political environments. Companies, however, can use one message everywhere, varying only the language or color.

Can Keen’s Strategies be applied to the process of creating websites? At  this point, the product is a website, not the service or products that websites sell.
From my practice, web layout that is appealing to one group of people leaves others indifferent. Websites that are designed to cover large populations: all age groups, genders, and locations are using the same message across the country and don’t meet local conditions and preferences. Eventually they lose sales.



Kierland Commons, Scottsdale Arizona, june 2014

Life in Phoenix is eventful: festivals and shows are weekly attractions in Arizona. On June 14 2014, I was at Kierland Commons Summer Concert, the bands name was Smasht: Contemporary covers.
Every Saturday you can enjoy free concert with your family and friends.
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How to Communicate Effectively

Email is one communication method that can be considered a primary way of contact. We can connect to family and friends or initiate business communications via electronic mail.
Often we receive emails that we didn’t subscribe to. Unwanted email is considered as spam. It is possible to block spam by configuring your email settings and to moving the unwanted email to a junk email folder where it will get removed automatically.
People have a tendency to browse through newly received correspondence, so it is a good idea to keep it short and to the point.
In an internet article, Larry Amon an eHow Contributor says that emails should be short. If they have to be longer than usual and more descriptive then the rest of the information, then it is advised to use an email attachment. It is also important to check spelling and keep spacing, so that readers will see the main thought of the message and it will be easier to read.
“Practice being clear and concise. Consider using bulleted points to clearly express thoughts” (Friedman, 2012) It is also recommended to outline the essential points you are trying to get across. If it is a business message, it is important to have a subject line that gives a good idea what the email is about.
When businesses send newsletters, they look very similar to each other, and the subject line helps readers quickly to identify the sender and determine the level of interest in reading the rest of the email.
Some emails have a signature line, which is a good idea in case the reader chooses to call, text, or to look at the website address, if it’s available. Google offers widgets that can enhance email and make it more interactive and offers call services dialing the phone by typing in the phone number.
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