WARREN KEEGAN’s STRATEGIES – Term Papers – Mohsinkh

A product modification strategy keeps the physical product essentially the same; modifications, however, are made to meet local conditions or preference in package sizes or colors. Manufacturers of computers, copiers, cars, and calculators have been successful in using this strategy. Companies may develop a country-specific product. If this strategy is employed, the product is substantially altered or new products are produced across countries. For example, hand-powered washing machines have been successfully marketed in Latin America. Communication Adaptation.
Product adaption involves altering the product to meet local conditions or preferences. There are several level of adaptation..

It is extremely difficult to standardize advertising across countries because of variations in economic, social, and political environments. Companies, however, can use one message everywhere, varying only the language or color.

Can Keen’s Strategies be applied to the process of creating websites? At  this point, the product is a website, not the service or products that websites sell.
From my practice, web layout that is appealing to one group of people leaves others indifferent. Websites that are designed to cover large populations: all age groups, genders, and locations are using the same message across the country and don’t meet local conditions and preferences. Eventually they lose sales.



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